• Shyam Yellow Chilli Powder
  • Shyam Yellow Chilli Powder

Shyam Yellow Chilli Powder

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Yellow chili powder, made from yellow-colored peppers, is a common spice used in Indian cuisine to add both color and piquancy to dishes.

Yellow chilies are known for their vibrant color and a moderate level of spiciness. They are often used in recipes such as stuffed chilies, where the mild heat of the chilies complements the filling. Yellow chili powder is also used in the preparation of dips, sauces, pickles, soups, stews, and casseroles, where it adds both flavor and a visually appealing yellow hue to the dishes.
In Indian households, yellow chili powder is widely used alongside other spices to create a balanced and flavorful culinary experience.
Country of Origin: India
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Nutrition Facts
Energy -418.75kcal
Protein - 16.03g
Carbohydrate -59.88g
Sugar- 0g
Fat - 2.10g
Ingredients: Chillies Whole