• Shyam Tamarind seedless
  • Shyam Tamarind seedless

Shyam Tamarind seedless

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Tamarind, also known as imli, is a widely used ingredient in Indian cuisine. Tamarind has a unique sweet and sour flavor profile, which adds a tangy and tart taste to dishes. It is often used in a sticky, pulpy form, It is a key ingredient in South Indian cuisine, particularly in dishes like rasam and sambar. It is a common ingredient in chutneys, where it adds a tangy flavor and acts as a natural preservative. Tamarind is also used in gravies, marinades, curries, and even certain beverages like tamarind water or sherbet.
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Nutrition Facts

Energy – 306.84kcal           

Protein –  1.96g

Carbohydrate – 73.76g  

Sugar-   67.65g                  

Fat – 0.44g