• Shyam Mustard Seeds (rai)
  • Shyam Mustard Seeds (rai)

Shyam Mustard Seeds (rai)

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Mustard seeds, commonly known as "rai" or "sarson," are small round seeds that come from various mustard plant species, they are an integral part of Indian cuisine and are used as a spice in cooking. Mustard seeds are often used for tempering (tadka) in Indian cooking. They are heated in oil or ghee until they start crackling and releasing their aroma. This tempering is then added to various dishes, such as curries, lentils, pickles, and vegetable preparations, to enhance their flavor. Mustard seeds can also be ground into a fine powder and used as a spice in marinades, sauces, and spice blends. Overall, mustard seeds are an integral part of Indian cooking, providing a distinctive taste and aroma to a wide range of dishes. Whether used for tempering or ground into a powder, mustard seeds add a delightful kick to Indian curries, dals, pickles, and other culinary preparations.
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Nutrition Facts

Energy – 538.169kcal           

Protein –  25.91g

Carbohydrate – 30.94g  

Sugar-   2.45g                  

Fat – 34.53g