• Shyam Momo Masala
  • Shyam Momo Masala
  • Shyam Momo Masala

Shyam Momo Masala

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Momo masala is a spice blend commonly used in the preparation of momos, a popular Tibetan and Nepali dumpling dish. Momos are typically filled with various ingredients such as minced meat, vegetables, or cheese, and are then steamed, fried, or boiled. Momo masala is a mixture of spices that adds a distinct flavor and aroma to the momo filling.
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Nutrition Facts

Energy –            365kcal

Protein –                11.5g

Carbohydrate –  55.7g

Sugar-                7.8g 

Fat –                     10.7g


Rock Salt, Black Salt, Dry Mango, Cumin, Pomegranate, Kachri, Dry Ginger, Mint Powder, Tamarind, Fennel Seed, Carom seed, Coriander, Red Chilli, Garlic, Cloves