• Shyam Longi Mirch Powder
  • Shyam Longi Mirch Powder
  • Shyam Longi Mirch Powder

Shyam Longi Mirch Powder

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Chilies in this package contain an ADMixture of not more the 2 percent of mustard Edible oil
Shyam Longi Mirch Powder is a bright red spice powder made from dried and ground Longi Mirch chilies.

The powder is known for its vibrant red color, which adds visual appeal to dishes. It has a moderate level of spiciness and imparts a distinct flavor to the food. Longi Mirch Powder is popularly used in Indian recipes to add a mild to moderate level of heat along with its unique taste. It is commonly used in various Indian dishes such as curries, stews, marinades, and masalas. It is particularly favored for its ability to add rich red color to gravies and sauces without making them overly spicy. Longi Mirch Powder is also used in snacks, chutneys, pickles, and spice blends.
Country of Origin: India
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Nutrition Facts
Energy -300.61kcal
Protein -5.30g
Carbohydrate -44.45g
Sugar- <1g
Fat - 11.29g
Ingredients: Chillies, Mustard Oil