• Shyam Fenugreek Whole
  • Shyam Fenugreek Whole

Shyam Fenugreek Whole

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Fenugreek, also known as methi, is an herb that is commonly used in cooking and traditional medicine Fenugreek seeds are small, golden-colored seeds with a strong aroma. They have a slightly bitter taste as well and are commonly used as a spice in many dishes. The seeds can be used whole, crushed, or ground into a powder. They are often used in spice blends, such as curry powder, and are added to various dishes like curries, pickles, bread, and sauces to impart their distinct flavor.
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Nutrition Facts

Energy – 392.16kcal

Protein –  21.79g

Carbohydrate – 63.02

Sugar-   0.0g                  

Fat – 5.88g