• Shyam Fennel Small Whole
  • Shyam Fennel Small Whole

Shyam Fennel Small Whole

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Fennel seeds have a distinct anise-like flavor with a slightly sweet and aromatic taste. They are commonly used in Indian, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisines to add flavor to various dishes. The small whole fennel seeds are typically used in cooking to impart their flavor to dishes or can be chewed after a meal as a natural breath freshener. In Indian cooking, fennel seeds are used as a seasoning in many recipes. They can be dry-roasted and ground to a powder or used whole. Fennel seeds are added to curries, soups, stews, pickles, and spice blends to enhance the flavor.
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Nutrition Facts

Energy – 341.77kcal

Protein –  14.89g

Carbohydrate – 70.19g

Sugar-   <1g                  

Fat – 0.16g