• Shyam Buttermilk Masala
  • Shyam Buttermilk Masala

Shyam Buttermilk Masala

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Buttermilk masala, also known as chach masala, is a spice blend used to flavor buttermilk or yogurt-based drinks. Ch ach or buttermilk is a popular refreshing beverage in Indian cuisine, especially during hot weather or as a digestive aid after meals.
Recipe :Add 1-2 tsp Shyam buttermilk masala to curd, buttermilk and mix well. Your delicious buttermilk glass is ready. You can also use it in buttermilk, raita, lemon juice, mango water etc.
Country of Origin: India
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Nutrition Facts
Protein - 9.02g
Carbohydrate -29.24g
Sugar- 0g
Fat - 6.64g

Ingredients: Cumin Seed, Black Salt, Rock Salt, Mint Leaves, Common Salt, Cassia, Dry Ginger, Black Pepper, Fennel Seeds