• Shyam Amchur Powder
  • Shyam Amchur Powder
  • Shyam Amchur Powder

Shyam Amchur Powder

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Amchur powder is widely used in Indian cooking, It serves as a souring agent and flavor enhancer, similar to tamarind or lemon juice. It adds a distinctive tangy and slightly sweet taste to various dishes, including curries, chutneys, marinades, pickles, and salads.

salads and fruit chats (a popular Indian fruit salad), amchur powder is used to enhance the taste by adding a tangy twist. It brings out the flavors of the fruits and provides a delightful contrast to the natural sweetness. Besides its flavor-enhancing properties, amchur powder is also known for its health benefits. It is a good source of vitamin C, which is essential for immune function and collagen production
Country of Origin: India
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Nutrition Facts
Energy -360.31kcal
Protein - 4.97g
Carbohydrate -84.49g
Sugar- <1g
Fat - 0.27g
Ingredients: Dried Mango Whole