• rajwadi gatta curry premix
  • rajwadi gatta curry premix

rajwadi gatta curry premix

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"Rajwadi Gatta Curry Mix" is a packaged mixture of spices and seasonings used to prepare Rajwadi Gatta Curry, a traditional dish from the Indian state of Rajasthan, To use the Rajwadi Gatta Curry Mix, you would generally need to follow the instructions provided on the package. Typically, you would prepare the Gatta dumplings using the mix and cook them in the curry prepared separately using yogurt, water, and the spices from the mix.
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Nutrition facts

Total Fat  -  3.83g

Protein  -  21.44g

Dietry fibre - 10.10g

Total Carbohydrate - 58.53g

Energy - 354.34kcal

Sodium - 1647.62mg

Iron - 1.88mg

Calcium - 118.22g

Monosaturated Fat - 0.82g

Polyunsaturated fat - 2.43g

Saturated Fat - 0.58g

Trans Fat - BLQ(0.02)g

VItamin A   -   468.027ug

Vitamin C -  BLQ(10.0)mg


Gram Flour (Besan), Iodised Salt, Sounf, Ajwain, Red Chili Powder, Asafoetida, Sodium bi carbonate (Food grade)