• Shyam Cumin Powder
  • Shyam Cumin Powder

Shyam Cumin Powder

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Cumin powder has a warm, earthy, and slightly nutty flavor that adds depth and complexity to dishes. It is used in both whole seed and powdered form, but the powder is more commonly used in cooking and seasoning. In Indian cooking, cumin powder is often used as a base spice in curries, dals (lentil dishes), and vegetable preparations. It enhances the flavor of these dishes and provides a warm and aromatic element. cumin is believed to have digestive properties and may aid in digestion. It contains antioxidants and is a good source of iron and other minerals.
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Nutrition Facts

Energy –            433.31kcal

Protein –                16.73g

Carbohydrate –   50.67g

Sugar-                 <1g  

Fat –                       18.19g